Flying H Stables, LLC

"Realize the Anticipation"
Flying H Stables operates a mare care and breeding operation in Paris, Kentucky on Cane Ridge Road.  We reside directly across the road from Adena Springs Stallions: Awesome Again and Ghostzapper.  Kentucky stallions visited by mares boarded at our farm resulted in 51 of 54 mares in foal in 2014.  Veterinary care in the Bluegrass is second to none: Experienced Vets from Equine Medical Associates, frequent the farm for routine mare care.


Pricing for the mares we care for is quite simple.  We strive to give breeders an opportunity to get to the world's best stallions without cringing.  On a case by case basis multiple horse discounts may be a possibility.  This rate includes turn-out, hay and straw (as needed), McCauley's Grain, and individualized care for reproductive success.  Additionally, special considerations for full-time boarders.

Mares: $22/day - With Foal: $25/day

Weanlings/Yearlings: $18/day until July 1st of yearling year -

After July 1st - Pre Sale: $25/day

Sales Prep: $35/day

All Others: Call (859) 846-9184 for options