Flying H Stables, LLC

"Realize the Anticipation"

It's not a matter of "if" but a matter of "win"

   When will your stable enjoy the adventure of traveling the Triple Crown Trail?

When will you become selective enough to buy legitimate Triple Crown prospects?


When will you realize the anticipation of watching your horse break from the gates on the first Saturday in May?

  Only when you, the decision maker, wholeheartedly determine to make every racing decision with the Triple Crown races in mind.  Each channel of knowledge must be exploited to maximize the expanse of opportunities along the coveted Triple Crown Trail.


  Flying H Enterprises is solely focused on creating Triple Crown Opportunities.  Every breeding decision, every operational decision, and every minute detail of the Equine's care is made with the intent of assuring your future success at the most prestigious racetracks in the United States.  The perks of aiming toward the bulls-eye, ensure above average accomplishments in all venues, but the goal is never forgotten and Flying H Enterprises wants to see you walk away as a winner.


  From the very beginning we concentrate on an additional dynamic of the new foal's life.  Through the use of Imprint Training, joint cohesion with people is established; this is critical to the candidate's future success.  The Flying H graduate is an odds on favorite.                                                                                                        

  Guarantee of Excellence: Each horse that is sold or campaigned by Flying H Enterprises will meet the unique criteria that is accomplished through use of Kent's "A-B-C-D" Formula for in depth analysis.

  Flying H Enterprises wants to ensure that your future is hopeful by striving  to be the best, and forming alliances with the best in the business to condition and train the horses that we manage.  Our experts in Kentucky and Florida tirelessly endeavor to be a part of the winning combination.

Storm in May - Kentucky Derby 2007